Hey There

I’m Elizabeth,
a daughter of the Lord who eats lots of plants. I’m glad you’re here!

Hey there

I’m Elizabeth,
a daughter of the Lord who eats lots of plants. I’m glad you’re here!

My mission is to bring you nutritious, plant-based recipes and explore the relationship between food and faith so we can all become the healthiest versions of ourselves.

I'm committed to sharing delicious plant-food recipes and praising God. Our Father gave us food as a means to glorify Him. When we treat God’s creation (both animals and ourselves) in the way we are called, we can grow in our relationship with Him. Join me on your faith journey by using food to love yourself, creation, and The Creator.

I want to share with you the healthy recipes I make and the way I see faith and food intertwine.

I hope we will get to know each other. To start, here are some fun facts about me!

Fact 1:
I’m Catholic. (Okay, you probably already knew that.) I was born and raised Catholic. I was super involved in the campus ministry in college. And post-college I have small group bible studies, attend mass regularly, and work to deepen my prayer life through regular prayer (duh) and catholic literature.

Fact 2:
I attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and graduated in 3 1/2 years with a degree in Economic Consulting and Business Analytics and a minor in Mathematics. During my junior and senior years I realized that my passion is in food, so I used my business school knowledge and started to pursue a career in the food industry.

Fact 3:
My favorite food is carrots. I eat pounds of carrots a week and enjoy creating a variety of dip and hummus recipes to go with. I once bought a 25-pound bag of carrots and ate the entire bag (along with a bit of help) in less than two weeks.

Fact 4:
Health and fitness are a huge priority in my life. I ran my first marathon in 2019 and I work out every day, doing a combination of running, HIIT, and strength training. Besides my morning workouts, I also enjoy going on walks/hikes with my friends or with a good podcast.

Fact 5:
I’m a huge podcast listener. I listen when I workout, when I’m driving, or when I’m cooking. The topics of the podcasts I listen to range from economics (nerd alert), TED talks, vegan athlete lifestyle, self-improvement, psychology, religion, and more.

Fact 6:
I've only lived in states that begin and end with vowels: I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, I went to college in Indiana, I lived in Idaho for a year, and now I'm back in Ohio for a bit. Who knows, maybe Arizona is in my future...

I'm so happy that you're here. It is an honor to walk with you on your faith journey.

— Elizabeth

Whether you have a question about a recipe or you’re interested in working together, let’s chat.

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