October 10, 2019

Sweet Potato Tempeh Hash

Crispy with smokey paprika flavor, this Sweet Potato Tempeh Hash makes a delicious weekend breakfast. Completely plant-based, gluten-free, and oil-free.

After a looong wait, I've got another savory breakfast option for you. If I recall correctly, my last savory breakfast recipe was this Savory Spinach Breakfast Bowl. Before that I made a Buckwheat Kale Breakfast Bowl. I also have a Chickpea Breakfast Scramble. And that's it. That's all the savory breakfast recipes I have.

I'd like to sincerely apologize for every one of you who is looking for savory breakfasts. I love fruit and my sweet tooth gets the best of me when it comes to breakfast. But not today! This Sweet Potato Tempeh Hash is incredibly delicious and, yes, savory.

I've been dreaming about this one for a while. I mean, it has sweet potatoes in it, so you know it's gotta be good. Crispy, crunchy, slightly-charred sweet potatoes. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Protein-Packed Breakfast

I'm extra excited about this recipe because of the tempeh. Many people ask me where I get my protein (maybe that's something you've wondered about a plant-based diet). Tempeh is one of my favorite sources of protein.

Tempeh is fermented soybeans, which means it's extra healthy for your gut. It's also a complete protein. Personally, I don't worry too much about complete or incomplete proteins - if you eat a variety of foods, you will get enough protein in its many forms. But if you're concerned about getting the full amino acid profile, tempeh's got you covered.

Also, tempeh has a very neutral flavor. Meaning that we can dress it up however we want to make an amazingly flavorful dish. And that's just what I did in this recipe!

Besides the sweet, earthy flavor of the sweet potato, I used smoked paprika, garlic, powder, and onion powder for tons and tons of flavor.

That's pretty much it in terms of ingredients. The only other ingredient I haven't mentioned is flaxseeds. I often use flax to replace eggs in my baking because it serves as a binder. And I used it here for the same purpose. I wanted to make sure the sweet potato and tempeh stuck together to form nice clusters of hashbrown. Flax also adds a subtle nuttiness that deepens the flavor of this dish nicely.

Sweet Potato Tempeh Hash

How to make Sweet Potato Tempeh Hash

Start by grating a medium sweet potato. You can use a box grater if you'd like. I have one as an attachment to my food processor which makes it super quick to shred the potato.

After you grate the potato, fill a bowl with cold water and let the potato soak in the water. This helps reduce the starchiness and makes the potato more likely to stick together in the hash.

Next, crumble the tempeh.

Then in a medium bowl, combine the drained sweet potato, tempeh, flax, and spices. Mix well to combine.

Spread the mixture on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Pack it together so it is in one cluster on the baking sheet. This will help it stick together and create a more hashbrown-like texture.

Bake the hash for 15 minutes. Then flip it over to brown the other side. It's okay if you break it. Bake for another 10 minutes. Remove it from the oven and let it cool for a few minutes. Serve and enjoy!

Recipe Prayer

Jesus, you are with us every minute of every day. Help us start our days out right with this nourishing and healthy breakfast. Amen.

Sweet Potato Tempeh Hash

Crispy with smokey paprika flavor, this Sweet Potato Tempeh Hash makes a delicious weekend breakfast. Completely plant-based, gluten-free, and oil-free.















  • 1 8-10oz Potato
  • 1 Block Tempeh
  • 1 Tablespoon Ground Flax
  • 1 Tablespoon Smoked Paprika
  • 1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • 1 Teaspoon Onion Powder
  • Salt & Pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat the oven to 450. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Shred/grate the sweet potato. (My food processor has an attachment that does this for me.) Soak the sweet potato in a bowl of cold water.
  3. Meanwhile, break the tempeh into small chunks.
  4. Drain the sweet potato. Combine the sweet potato, tempeh, flax, and spices in a medium bowl.
  5. Arrange the sweet potato tempeh mixture on the baking sheet. Press the mixture together so it is all in one large clump on the baking sheet.
  6. Bake for 15 minutes. Then flip the hash brown over (it's okay to break it into pieces) and bake for another 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly. Serve and enjoy!

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September 23, 2021
Tracy Henry
Hi Elizabeth, LOVE you recipes. Please keep them coming. :)I was wondering, can you share what is the vegan chocolate bar you used in this recipe?
August 28, 2021
Henry (Hank) Mader
thank you for the oil free recipe. I'm getting introduced to wild Bolete mushrooms here in Colorado, and everyone sautes Bolete's in butter or olive oil. I'm on a veggie, oil free regimen for heart health reasons. and your recipe suggestion may fill the bill. I can't wait to give it a try.
August 13, 2021
Lindsey Kuhn
This is so fun! Loving your creamy photography :)
August 13, 2021
Lindsey Kuhn
This looks incredible! So yummy and pretty photography